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Use your website content to answer your customers questions.

26 Sep

Why? How? Who? What?

Construct the type of environment that leads your customers through the buying process the way they want to buy. Write your copy, set up decision paths and create designs that are going to snag your various visitors, pull them in and get them to take action.

1. Amicable visitors prefer to focus on WHY questions

Attitude:         Personal, activity oriented.
Using Time:    Undisciplined, fast paced.
Question:        Why is your service best to solve the problem?
Approach:       Address values & provide assurances, credible opinions rather than options.

2.  Analytical visitors prefer to focus on HOW questions.

Attitude:          Businesslike, detail oriented.
Using Time:    Disciplined, methodically paced.
Question:         How can your service solve the problem?
Approach:        Provide hard evidence and superior service.

3.  Expressive visitors prefer to focus on WHO questions.

Attitude:          Personal, relationship oriented.
Using Time:    Undisciplined, slow paced.
Question:         Who has used your service to solve my problem?
Approach:        Offer testimonials and incentives.

4.  Assertive visitors prefer to focus on WHAT questions.

Attitude:          Businesslike, power oriented.
Using Time:    Disciplined, strategically paced.
Question:         What can your service do for me?
Approach:       Provide options, probabilities and challenges.

Different elements in your copy are going to appeal to different personality types. Amiables will latch onto the “personalized to meet objectives”. Analytics will make a bee-line for the “methodology” section. Expressives are going to be very interested in those “thousands of clients.” And the Assertives are happiest when you cut to the chase and talk “bottom lines” and “guaranteed results.”

With this knowledge, you can develop a linking strategy – always in the active window – so your visitors can follow the buying decision path as it suits them best.